• Bridesmaid Gift
    Travel Stub Diary

    If you know a travel fanatic who loves saving all of the various boarding passes, museum tickets and knowledge leaflets they collect while on holiday why not purchase them this Travel Stub Diary. This book is very large enough for your travel lover to keep notes, yet sufficiently small to carry around using them on their adventures.

    Mother of the Bride Gift
    GoPro Hero Camera

    The GoPro Hero is the perfect basic level GoPro and makes capturing action and sharing it with the world extra easy. The Hero is a compact, lightweight sports camera that's been employed by professional athletes, sports filmmakers and adrenaline junkies around the globe.

    SteriPEN Traveler Handheld UV Water Purifier

    Looking for a gift to get a real adventurer? The SteriPEN makes safe normal water with speed and ease. This gadget destroys a lot more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with all the majority of models reusable as much as 8.000 litres creating this present excellent affordability.

    1,000 Places To determine Before You Die

    If your cherished one can be a true travel fanatic, chances are they have no need for far more inspiration but, this number 1 New York Times bestseller is both a wish list along with a practical guide. With more than 200 new entries, this revised second edition has ideas for accommodations, restaurants to sample and festivals to see. This edition can be more budget conscious compared to the last.

    Portable Door/Multipurpose Alarm

    If your little one includes a travel bucket list prepared for that New Year, allow some reassurance with a portable door/multipurpose alarm. The Mace portable door/multipurpose alarm could be temporarily attached to a door or carried being a personal alarm. With a number of safety measures, this alarm is ideal for young or solo travellers and worried parents/grandparents.

    Passport-concealing clothing

    Did you know that 33% of all travel insurance claims are suitable for lost or stolen possessions? Or that each day, approximately 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur all over the world? Ensure that your household's belongings feel at ease with clothing from The Clever Travel Companion. From underwear to t-shirts and tank tops these products are 100% pickpocket proof!

    AeroPress portable coffeemaker

    Travel is an excellent method to open your head but frequently, there's no replacement for little luxuries. If your intrepid explorer loves a good cup of joe, than the portable coffee machine is the perfect gift. This lightweight coffee machine produces delicious coffee within Half a minute! The AeroPress includes a year's supply of micro filters, an espresso scoop, an espresso stirrer and micro filter holder and could be combined with a typical sized mug.

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